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My Girlfriend's Mom

MaturePremière foisHardcore

My name is Will, everyone calls me Weezer, a nickname my Grandpa gave me when I was six years old and stuck with me. I'm 24, I don't have the body of a body builder nor am I hung like a horse in fact, I'm on the thin side. 6'2" at 185 pounds, a hard wind could blow me over, and I would say I am average in the lower region. But I do have a very nice looking girlfriend, and she has a beautiful mother. Not the ones you always hear about, the ones that look like they could be sisters, but, both are extremely good looking. Linda, my girlfriend, is 22, 5'8", about 120 pounds, Light Brown hair, ni… Lire plus

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Betting on the wife

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I was hanging out at one of my favorite watering holes one night, talking with other patrons. One of them was a butch female that had managed to talk a few straight women into sexual relationships with her. Her name is Patti We were talking for a while as I had known her for years. When she asked me how are you and your wife doing. I jokingly said why you looking to bed her. Her eyes lit up when I said that. No, but if I wanted to I could. I laughed, I bet you a hundred bucks you couldn’t get her into bed. You sure you want to make that bet, she asked. Her cousin is my wife's hairdresser, and… Lire plus

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My first gay summer

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The summer that I was 15, I stayed home alone. Both parents worked, and my younger sister (who was 9) stayed with our grandmother. A few houses over was my friend Jeff. He was also 15, and we hung out all the time, since his parents worked too. We would go back and forth between our houses, usually trading baseball cards, or playing Nintendo. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but pretty quickly we were showing each other our parents’ stashed porno mags - my parents’ were in my dad’s bottom drawer, and his parents’ were under his mom’s side of the bed in a shoebox. We were teenage boys… Lire plus

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Teenage Barn Secrets (Mff voy zoo oral inter

Sexe interracialTabouVoyeur

Teenage Barn Secrets (Mff voy zoo oral inter anal les) By billy69boy This is a story about something I witnessed with my own eyes. It changed me forever, for better or for worse, I'm still not quite sure which. Maybe you can help me decide. Things seemed simple enough: all I was supposed to do was borrow a posthole digger from our neighbor Mr. Parker. But what started out as a simple errand turned into something else entirely. First, a little background: Chapter One My name is Olivia Brooke. My parents have high pressure professional jobs in the city, but they yearned… Lire plus

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Mother visits her son at university.


"The weekend antiquing has taken all my time Brian darling, I'm busy again tonight so I've arranged to stay over Monday night so we can have some dinner and time to ourselves." Mary said to her son over brunch on Sunday. "I've gott'a work that night. Now that I am at uni, I took a part time job to have some extra spending money, so I think that won't work." her 18 year old son replied. "Why didn't you tell me you had a job? I could have helped you out." his mother replied as she took another sip of her mimosa. "I have to leave in a few minutes and you are busy all day but what say we h… Lire plus

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Daddy would watch me as I Fucked.


There it was, the little red light blinking high above our heads, just as well the guy I was with was too interested in me to look. Our porch was secluded from the front house view so we could be left in relative peace to finish what he was desperate to finish and as my denims were down by my ankles I could only think of daddy and what he would be thinking if he saw me now. It was all over in fifteen minutes and I suddenly felt a chill, standing naked as the guy tucked himself back into his pants and started to make excuses. I assured him it was alright and yes we would be in touch, but… Lire plus

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First Time With My Mom

Première foisMatureTabou

My name is Doug, I'm 18 years old, and I've always thought my mother was very attractive. She divorced my father when I was very young. Since she raised me all by herself she never really went out much, but definitely not because she wasn't attractive. She always took great care of her body. She's 39, 5'9, about 130lbs, but still thin, long blonde hair, amazing long legs, and 38DD breasts. Since it was always just us living together we were pretty open about everything and it wasn't a big deal to sometimes walk around in our underwear or to walk down the hall in the nude after taking a shower,… Lire plus

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First Time With Mom

MaturePremière foisTabou

We lived in a small flats with a small room shared by 3 siblings and my parents.They slept in the hall and us k**s in the room but there is only that much privacy for all.Whenn i was 16,i was in the morning session school and there would be no one at home when i come back except my mom.I would always after my shower and lunch get inside the room and masturbate.I sometimes jerk till theres no sperm,thats how horny i am.Usually i would read sex books or i would fantasise about women i know and wish to fuck.One day as i was showering i noticed my moms worned panties in the wash basket,i took an… Lire plus

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I Had No Idea.

Sexe interracialVoyeurTabou

A little after 8 the next morning I sneak out of bed to go pee. I feel the tenderness in my stretched vagina and the seed still oozing out of me from six hours earlier. As I wipe myself off and get up to wash my hands, I look in the mirror and the guilt tries to set in deeper. I would have never thought this could happen to me and I do feel very much responsible. But, I also feel very fulfilled and alive. I make my way towards the kitchen to get myself some coffee brewing. I can see inside Punkin’s room and she is cuddled up tight t… Lire plus

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Mom's i****t Fantasy

MaturePremière foisTabou

'Finally!' I thought to myself. I had just finished my last final exam for the college semester and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And as it just so happened, a small snow storm had rolled in later that morning, meaning that I would be stuck at home for the rest of the day. My dad was out of town on an important business trip, so it looked like me and my mom would have plenty of time together once again since both of our winter vacations had already begun. I arrived home later that morning to the sight of my mother on her laptop. She sat on the floor using… Lire plus

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Jessie finally takes a cock!!!

Première foisHardcoreVoyeur

The star of this little story is my friend Jessie. Jessie is a gorgeous blonde, with a voluptuous figure. She has perfect breasts, a tiny waist, sexy hips and a pussy with a neatly trimmed bush that accentuates her meaty lips. She is a sorority sister of me and my best friend Shannon. When we were in college, we found out that Jessie was a virgin. She had heard me and Shannon making love one night and she let us know that it turned her on. She was a daddy's girl, spoiled, and a little outspoken sometimes. We invited her to stay with us one night and we all made love together. She… Lire plus

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My Sissy Beginnings

AnalPremière foisTabou

My Sissy Beginnings It started when i was a young boy,the youngest with two older sisters.I would always sneak into my oldest sisters room and steal her panties.She always wore the cute string bikini silky style.I would wait till the evening time when everyone was in bed and try them on. I just loved the way they felt,the silky smooth material against my naked skin. As i got older,threw my teens and twenties I always tried on my girlfriends panties,my cock would get so hard from the look and feel.I would always curious about what it would be like being with another man,while i was w… Lire plus

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Nanny in Los Angeles


I was living in Los Angeles. I was there to try and get in to show business. I took a job as a nanny for a couple that were both lawyers. It was only a temp job until their regular nanny came back. The husband came home occasionally in the middle of the day and worked in his office as did she. About three months in he started coming into the kitchen when I was cleaning up from feeding the kiids. I did the clean up after they went down for their nap after lunch. We talked usually about them and only for a short time. One day he came home and was acting strange but he went right to his office. I… Lire plus

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Sucking off the bookstore clerk

Homme gay

This story happened 18 years ago and is all true. I was 27 at the time and am 45 now. I had played with guys since I was a teenager and at the time this story took place, I was still rather ashamed of it. I would cum and feel a massive wave of guilt. Times have changed, thankfully. At first I just liked having my cock sucked, but as I grew older I realized that my place was on my knees sucking. I didn't care what kind of cock, so long as it was hard and in my mouth. In college I discovered that I liked performing in front of other guys, so I started playing at theaters, xxx stores, and toilet… Lire plus

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A short story.


It was a normal Monday morning, and I woke up at 7.00 o'clock to get ready for school, and walked downstairs to see my mother in a very short robe, sitting down like she was it barely covered her ass. I smiled at her and walked over to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She said good morning, and got up to make us both a coffee. As she was getting up she uncrossed her legs and even spread them a little bit, just giving me a quick glance of a pair of white sheer lace knickers. Putting my plan into action, I said I was going to go wash the dishes from the night before for her, while she mad… Lire plus

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20 Years Of Infidelity

Première foisTabou

Just over 20 years ago I was married to a great guy only 8 months after meeting him. I was 23 and he was 44. We met at work where I was a part-time office temp. My above average height and slender build caught his eye and he wasn't bad looking either. Some of the girls in the office told me he'd come sniffing around their skirts so I figured our relationship was purely sexual. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination going into our relationship. Our sex was great and satisfying. He was born into money and had the means to wine and dine me like no other boyfriend had before. Surprise… Lire plus

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Anal training begins

Homme gay

As I opened the passenger door to Clark's vehicle I noticed a towel on the seat. He was prepared for my ass being full of cum. I sat down and I could feel cum running out of my ass. As he started driving he asked, "So how did you like your first tip to the gloryhole?" I answered, "It was amazing! I had no idea a place like that existed." Clark said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll be bringing you back to this one and some others a few times a week." When he said that I got excited. I couldn't wait to do this again. We finally arrived back at my place. When I got out of his vehicle I wasn'… Lire plus

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horny milf


I had been browsing a dating site for a couple of days when I got a message from a woman asking if I was free in the day. First thing I did was check out her profile. Married, 5ft 2 tall blonde blue eyes buxom bored housewife. I was interested and she was only 5 miles away from me. I sent a reply asking where, when and what she was looking for or expecting. within an hour I received a reply stating where and when to meet her the following day. I was to meet her at 9:30 in a layby and we would both go in my car from there to where she wanted to go. As for what she was expecting I was to w… Lire plus

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Becoming Daddies Girl

Homme gay

It had been snowing all day. A wet, heavy incessant snow that was covering everything including the highway. Combined with a wind-chill factor in the teens, Christopher was almost frozen stiff. He was elated when the huge semi pulled over to pick him up. He climbed up into the cab and smiled thankfully at the driver. "Thanks a lot mister. I was just about frozen out there." "No problem, son." The driver smiled at him. "Name's Zeke," the driver said and extended his hand. Christopher took the offered hand and shook it. His hand seemed to disappear inside of Zeke's grasp. Zeke was a big man.… Lire plus

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Good Mom

MaturePremière foisTabou

Good morning mom" as I arrived downstairs for my breakfast. "Good morning darling" she replied. I am very lucky as my mother always has breakfast sorted out for me, so it is simply a few minutes sit down, then I am out the door. School is short walk, maybe 15 minutes down the road. I have recently turned 18 years old and I am already feeling like a new man. Mom always mentions how fast I have grown up. How tall I am now. How handsome I am. She especially likes to "show me off" in front of her friends. Yes I am the only c***d. The only c***d to a single parent. So all this attentio… Lire plus

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Becoming Daddies Girl #2

Homme gay

"I . . . I am a bitch." The boy sobbed. "Whose bitch are you?" Zeke demanded. "I am Daddy's bitch." "Who owns you?" "Daddy owns me." "When Daddy fucked you last night, his cum transformed you. Your ass is now my pussy. And you ain't got a cock. That little thing between your legs is too pathetic to be a cock. You got a clit, right girl?" "I have a clit, Daddy." "Daddy has a real cock. You're going to learn to love and worship Daddy's cock. You're going to be a slave to Daddy's cock. Right, bitch?" "I am Daddy's cock-slave." "Good girl. We need to get cleaned up now and go get some bre… Lire plus

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My three sisters

Première foisPartouzeTabou

I am the only boy and have three sisters: Emma, Melissa, and Karyn. Melissa is the oldest one, and Emma and Karyn are fraternal twins, and a year younger than me. We grew up in a very backward, rural area, without a dad, and with a d***k for a mom. Our mom's brother was the only man we ever met in the family, and he was a violent abusive d***k. So much so that all I remember from him is how he'd kick our asses up and down the halls of our house. When I turned 12, I was finally big enough to not let him hurt us anymore, but it wasn't until the following year that I was at last big enough to b… Lire plus

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Caught Him Jerking Off..And Then The Fun Began

Homme gay

My first roommate after college was "Mike." He had an extra bedroom to rent and I answered his ad in the paper. Mike was a nice guy but we both worked long hours so we didn't have a lot of time to hang out together. But when we did we got along very well. We were on our way to a good friendship. I had a girlfriend at the time and I spent several nights every week at her place. That was the plan for this night..but as you will all see, this night turned out much different than any of us thought it would. That morning before work I told Mike I would be spending the night at my girlfriend's pla… Lire plus

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My Uncle and Me (1)

TabouHomme gay

Growing up, my family moved around a lot, for my father’s work. One move put us in Florida, where my father’s family was - grandmother, two uncles, and several cousins. Due to my dad chasing work, we were always in decent shape financially. All of the relatives down there, though, lived in trailer parks. I spent a lot of time visiting those relatives in their double-wides. One year, in my teens, we moved south once again. My Uncle Vinny had lost his wife, Aunt Audrey, the year before, and my parents thought it might be nice for both of us if we spent time together. It was summer and school wa… Lire plus

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Taking care of my aunt p2


I awoke the next day in my aunts loving arms, our naked bodies wrapped together on the sofa just they way he had fallen asleep together. Aunt Kristie woke moments later as I was staring at her naked body in the soft morning light and immediately looked at me in horror, before jumping up and trying to cover herself with her hands. "Oh god Joe, what have we done?" she exclaimed "you know what we did" I replied standing up and letting my soft cock hang out in front of her "It was what you wanted, what you needed you said" "Oh no, no, no, oh this was a mistake a stupid, stupid mistake!" she mutte… Lire plus

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Pakistani Next door neighbours

Sexe interracial

We get on well with our Pakistani next-door neighbors. Gita and Elaf. Although we are not overly friendly, we are always saying hello and taking in parcels for each other especially during the Christmas period. Gita is very small and slim and once when I was getting something out of the fridge in our garden shed one evening I saw her rubbing lotion onto her body in her bathroom when she forgot to pull the blind down after showering. I stood transfixed for about 30 seconds until she turned away and switched off the light. From then on I have often fantasied about her. In the period between Ch… Lire plus

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d***k Mom visits her Son


Introduction: Moms d***k and upset, needs a shoulder to cry on Mom is 39, her Son is 18 Danny and Kate was in the room watching a blue-ray movie on his new big screen TV. They laid next to one another holding hands. Danny thought that it may be his lucky night. This was his first night with Kate alone in his new apartment. He just moved in three weeks ago. He started work six months ago, after a small course at his uncles firm where they make computer software. He was looking forward for having sex with Kate, she walked around in her hot pants and tank top with no bra from the time sh… Lire plus

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Mom touching my cock


I made my way back home after my encounter with the neighbor. I didn't want to see my mom, so I went and watched tv in my room. Would my mom confront me? Would she say something to my dad? Was she possibly turned on by the whole episode? I sat there hoping that she was since it was her that I had been thinking of. Dinnertime came soon and I made my way downstairs. Mom didn't say anything since my dad came home to join us. She looked somewhat nervous to me, as she didn't look me in the eyes the rest of the evening. A whole week went slowly by without a word from her. My father was home each… Lire plus

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Just Lemonade

Première fois

When I was 18 I got a job at a local gas station. I had been on my own for a few years and had a vastly different life and was often too busy trying to get by to mingle much with people my own age, so when senior prom came around I was unprepared. One afternoon, all of a sudden it was incredibly busy. All the "boys" where coming in wearing suits with their girls in dresses. Many of them tried buying beer, but would return it to the shelves when I tried getting an ID. But when one couple came up with a 6 pack of Mike's lemonade I was unaware, but the of course the register alerted me that they… Lire plus

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I'm A Cuckold !

FétichismeSexe interracialVoyeur

I’m a cuckold, yeah, it might sound wierd and honestly I didnt see it coming. I’m married to Sandra, a 36 year old teacher, blonde with a fantastic body. I’m a sales rep. 41 years old and still fit. Two years ago we found out that we couldnt have c***dren, the normal way. At first it was dissapointing, my very low sperm count and her lack of healthy eggs was what the tests came up with. Since I had saved some money that eventually was to finance k**s studies, I decided to spend some of that on weekend trips to nearby destinations. One night, at a beach resort, after making love I asked her i… Lire plus

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Back to Black

HardcoreSexe interracialVoyeur

My wife and I have been married now for five years. We both were married before and both have c***dren from our previous marriages. My wife is a very pretty tall blonde with green eyes and a great body. During sex we always use the rhythm method or I pull out and so far it has worked well. She doesn't like the pill because of the side effects. She loves to jog, keeps herself in good physical shape, and has a great figure 38-28-36. Her tits are 38C with silver dollar sized pinkish nipples and when they get hard the headlights come on, if you know what I mean. She has a belly button ring that r… Lire plus

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a trip to a public toilet

AnalFétichismeHomme gay

I'd heard about the cottage, but hadn't dared to venture. What if someone saw my car? What if someone saw me? What if someone knew me? Eventually I plucked up enough courage and drove to the car park near the toilets. I sat and waited and watched. There were two other cars in the car park. In the fading light they both appeared to have someone sat in the drivers seats. No one had entered the cottage and no one was moving. It was make your mind up time and if I didn't go in now I'd never pluck up courage again. I got out of the car, locked it, and without looking at the other two cars headed i… Lire plus

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Boss gets his way with wife

Première foisMature

My husband I have been married for three years and we recently decided to have a baby. While I was getting off of the pill and starting my pre-natal vitamin regime my husband was trying to earn some additional money to help with all of the new expenses by working a second job. Ironically, just after we decided we wanted to start a f****y we stopped having sex. Jim was just too tired when he got home. We were planning a special get away weekend and we planned to consummate our decision then. Things got a little complicated just before our little get away. Unfortunately, my husband didn't rea… Lire plus

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Moms have fun


Just as I was able to spend a few more days at home each week Cindi decided to start working again. She needed the daily ruoutine and human interaction. It has been great for me. I've been able tp catch up on reading and exercise. I'm probably in the best shape of my life. It also also allowed me to spend some time at the neighborhood pool My second time at the pool turned out to be very rewarding. When I entered the grounds I noticed many attractive soccer moms around the pool. Most of them were still in great shape. I strolled over to an empty lounger next to a beautiful black haired gal ab… Lire plus

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Uncles and Strangers, the best Sex ever.


As c***dren of parents who were brought up in the light of entertainment play acting and role-plays were always in the forefront of our free times as was nudity and witnessing sex. d**gs were always in the background as was hard liqueur and men with an eye for a fresh faced girl like myself were always lurking and exposing themselves and you learned which men you could chastise and those you dare not, mother was very clear on that point and I would see her sneak into a bedroom or behind a door with some man for a few minutes, then she would be happy, as was daddy, because she landed a small… Lire plus

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My daughter started it all part 1 of three


This is how it all started with my daughter okay here are the first of the two parts of the daughter and how she started the whole thing...part 2 to f and 3 to followollow So, the other night my daughter comes over to talk to her mother, she walks in and I look at her she has on a sundress with loose straps that she must keep pulling up the front otherwise her tits start to show. I am sitting on the couch in the living room and she sits on the one across from my chair. I have my own chair and on one sits in it except me. It is a recliner with a foot stool very comfortable. Anyway, she sits a… Lire plus

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I got NASTY at the local BAR! Ok, sometimes I get in a horny mood and I want to get just plain NASTY and SLUTTY and do filthy things and last night was one of those kinda times! After messaging back and forth with about a dozen of you on my PM here at Hamsters, I got wet between the legs and I needed some FUN so I put on some sexy clothes, no panties or bra and went to a local bar to see what I could get into. I'm in my 60's but haven't ever been lacking to find some cock when I want it and when I arrived, I sat at the bar, ordered a cold beer and starting talking to some of the boys sit… Lire plus

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Second cock

Homme gayHardcoreMature

The first was when I was twelve, this second 42 years later was equally as exciting,,,,,,,,,,,,So I had set up my camp site fairly near the trail. I being mid summer it was still light outside around 8pm. I was just finished eating and was staring in to the small campfire I used to heat a precooked meal I had brought. I was thinking about how nice its going to be to get naked after the sun goes down and wonder about in the meadows I was near in the moonlight. I had done it before, walkin around with a nice boner, feeling the breeze over my cock, ultimate sitting down in the thick grass to jack… Lire plus

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Chloe’s first sexual encounter

Première foisLesbienneMasturbation

Chloe’s story I was a small, petite shy girl at school and I didn’t get that much attention from the boys, they all preferred the girls that had huge boobs and would suck them off for an ice blast. I had boyfriends but I was so shy I would avoid seeing them so there was never going to be any sex happening that was for sure. The strange thing about me was that I was horny all the time but I never masterbated, I’d never tried it. I only started masterbating from about 24, even that was rarely, I just always looked at that form of sex as desperate. Only now I’ve realised it’s a gateway to mo… Lire plus

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The little special pill 8

MatureHumour sexuelHardcore

My cousin Megan is a really hot twenty four year old young woman, with a tall slim body and long brown hair, she is probably the best looking female in our extended family, and even did some modelling work as teenager, you know catalogue dresses and stuff like that. Then she met her husband, a nice standard guy called Eddie, who worked in an accountants and together they made a great looking couple, who really loved each other and with in two years they were getting married and looking forward to a great future. Then about year ago Eddie's company got raided by the police, it turns out not all… Lire plus

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1st Gay Experience

Homme gayAnalPremière fois

I was over at a friends house for guys weekend. I was up early Saturday and went downstairs to watch TV, so I wouldn't wake anyone up. Nothing was on cable, so I checked what else was on, Net Flix, etc.... There was TIVO, so I checked what movies were on there. I found one that was marked ”football”. The movie started with a bunch of guys playing touch football then they started slapping each others asses and making out feeling each other up and taking each others clothes off. I knew I should shut it off and put cable on again, but I started to get real horny and continued to watch the guys in… Lire plus

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my sister's little sectret (part 2)

TabouMasturbationPremière fois

Continuing the story of my close friendship with my older sister…. After our first encounter, when we both discovered our addiction to masturbation, my sister and I had settled into a fairly regular and furtive affair. She was often asked by my mother to get me up for school, and she devised a wicked and risky way to do this…. She would slip silently into my bedroom, and slide her hand under the covers, and begin to fondle my balls, and rub her hand over my cock, which would respond immediately, and, whilst sitting on my bed, she would take my hand and slip it under her nightie, where I would… Lire plus

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My New Family


This is a fictional story. All similarities with actual persons or events are coincidental! Well, how should I introduce myself? My name is Pazzo. I don’t consider myself unattractive, but I was always a bit unconfident in a company of the girls. When the puberty started to drive my schoolmates crazy, I stayed behind. When everybody in our class had a girlfriend, I did not. But sooner or later my time came too. I fell in love. First time was unhappy, second was better, etc. Soon after I graduated and got first job I met a girl that I fell in love on a first sight. Her name was Bella.… Lire plus

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Meeting the Maddisons


"Aw dad, do I really have to go? It'll be really boring and stuffy with people talking business and politics and stuff." "Yes Jim, it's a f****y invitation and the Maddisons want to see you. They haven't seen you since school finished and they want to keep in touch." Truth was I was really a bit scared of going to the Maddisons. The Maddison twins Mark and Andy had been a year ahead of me at school. They had been the superstars of school sport – champion rugby players, state champion rowers – everybody had been in awe of them. They walked around the school like young kings. They were nic… Lire plus

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Now that I was divorced and living alone I had lots of fun enjoying my crossdressing and had many different times and places that I could go to have some kinky sex with others. The man I had met at the park had told me about the park at night so I decided to go check it out one night He said different parts of the park had different kind of stuff happening one area was for meeting women for sex another part was for meeting men and another was for meeting crossdressers and transvestites. He said that the crossdresser and TV area was in kind of way around the back and very secluded, so it was a… Lire plus

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daughter part 2 and 3


Okay now to daughter...she just left the house, came over to drop off some items. I was sitting in my chair with just a towel around me, folded in half so I can play as I surf the net....I sit this way every day during my alone time. So she pulls up in the drive I hear the car and before I had a chance to go get my robe she comes in the house. She is wearing a short short little jumper or romper. I can see that she of course has NO bra on. I say to her "You surprised me, I didn't expect you" she says, "I know, I could tell that by what you are wearing" she gives me a hug and my cock immediatel… Lire plus

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Cock Sucker Rules My first BI MMF Threesome

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Cock Sucker Rules… My First M/M/F Bisexual Experience A True Story! Back in 1999 I started dating this chick Amanda. Now I had known her since elementary school but my best friend always had a crush on her. I always thought she was hot ( 5ft tall about 95lbs, a C cup, and a Super tight ass 20yrs old ) but nothing more. Oh, if I only knew sooner! After about a year of dating we confessed our love for each other and got an apartment together and about a month after that I was diagnosed with CANCER for the first time. Boy does that fuck with your mind! People tend to think when someone finds… Lire plus

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My first time with a BBC part 2/3

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***DISCLOSURE*** This story is 100% true, but for the sake of privacy all the names I use in it will be changed. Soooo the 2nd part of this story takes place one weekend after the events of part 2. It was about 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. The parking lot of the sex club was full and to no surprise the inside was full as well. I quickly walked through the main entrance and made my way to Celeste, the trans woman working the beverage counter. I said hi and obtained a key for the lockers from her. After walking out of the locker area I sat at the counter and began talking to Celeste as I alway… Lire plus

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Rumspringa 1

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Rumspringa 1 I was reminiscing about days gone by and I searched “Amish” on xhamster. I saw a few videos and it reminds me of a nice spring evening in Lancaster County PA. My buddies and I used to go to a local farmers market which was on Tuesday's every week. Besides having great food, occasionally, you get to meet nice Amish girls. Well, we went every week and chatted up a few nice looking girls at the stands. I met a nicely built (for what you could see under her rather blousy dress) Amish girl who's name was Rachel. My best friend met her neighbor Sarah and we all hit it off. Rachel wa… Lire plus

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Learning to Ride a Bike


My buddy Jason has been married four times, now. I've known him for more than a decade, from about six months before he met his third wife. We had some fun with her, and we've had fun with his current wife, as I've been called in to participate in threesomes with both. I fucked his third wife, Shanna, on a few occasions after they split up, as a matter of fact. He knows this and doesn't mind. She was fun, and now remarried herself, although that isn't part of this story. Jason is a hound. Always has been, and always will be. We're both in our mid-to-late 40s, with him being 47 as of this wri… Lire plus

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