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Lucky Old Sod

I am a widower recently retired from work. The first couple of months were absolute heaven, as I was able to catch up on all of the things that I had been putting off. Repairs around the house etc. But after a while when the jobs started to dry up, and all of the things that I wanted to do when I no longer had to work for a living were accomplished, I started to feel lonely.....very lonely. So instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to do something positive about it...and boy...am I glad I did !

I contacted one of the national charity organisations that arrange for an hour a week so... Continuer»
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Stuck in a closet at a Halloween party

It was my first college Halloween party, and I was beyond stoked. The party was being held at a local frat off campus, and although I hadn't pledged to any frat I was still known in their circles. I never moved out of my parents house, and while it saved me a bunch of money, it definitely put a damper on my social life.

I had procrastinated on my costume, so I found myself scrambling at the last minute to come up with something. Out of ideas, I finally settled on the cheap idea of going as Michael Phelps. All I had to do was wear a speedo, hang a towel over my shoulders, and wear a few fak... Continuer»
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It was my last month in my hometown before I had to leave for college and I was still a virgin. I was watching porn one night in my basement and the title Son Tricks Mom into Blowjob came up in my recommended. I then felt suddenly aroused about the thought of getting a blowjob from my mom, so I began to jerk my hard 5 inch cock to a taboo filled video. As I was jerking off I started thinking about my mom, 5’4”, 120 pounds, lean body, big tits, and long blonde hair. She kind of reminded me of Shyla Styles but a little older looking. I was thinking about her so much that I needed something of ... Continuer»
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farmyard 4

Jackie strode out the front door and onto the front porch. The old wooden screen door slammed behind her as she approached the railing. Leaning forward, her hands on the rail, she stretched slightly as she looked out over the lush, green meadow, toward the mountains. Squinting her eyes in an attempt to ward off the bright, morning sun, she took in the beauty of it all.

A slight breeze played through her long blonde hair and rustled the hem of her thin, white cotton sundress. At 5'11" tall, she had heard all the humorous height comments a person could imagine. She was a statuesque beauty, wi... Continuer»
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Birthday Present For My b*****r

My youngest b*****r Andy, 4 years younger than me, began to show interest of the dirty minded kind in my wife Dianne. We both noticed him often eying her ass and tits and trying to sneak peeks down her blouse and up her skirt. Well, being the slut Dianne is she decided to have fun with it. I quickly helped her decide on a plan. We would take Andy camping for his birthday which was just a few days away. Dianne was 22 at the time. Andy just about to turn 18.

We camped on a local stream that was popular with floaters. I picked a beautiful secluded spot where we could have lots of privacy.... Continuer»
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Cumming On Becky

It was Friday and despite being home and sick for two days my wifes daughter Becky, my step, went to school. She was obviously still feeling tired and not 100% but was determined to go to classes. What I did know was that there was a dance at school that evening and Becky and her friends where going, no matter what. We would not have let her go if she did not go to school at all that week so she was motivated to make an effort.

So off to school she goes. Her mom went to work and I was home for the day. Becky had put a load of laundry before she left the house and later I did more laundry, p... Continuer»
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Getting Back At Mom Part 2

The next morning when I woke the memories of the previous night came rushing back to me. I recounted in vivid detail how first, I stripped my own Mother then unceremoniously fucked her. Not once, but I actually had my cock up her cunt twice. The taboo thought gave me an instant hard on. Enough so that I began jacking off like a wild man. Suddenly, I remembered the pictures I had taken of my Mothers most intimate parts. I quickly grabbed my phone and stared at them as I played with my cock. The moment I brought up the shot of Mom's come filled cunt, I came and I came hard. It seemed like my coc... Continuer»
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Father and Son share a slut

Most weekends I would stay at my dads place. I was born when my parents were only 17. I had a good bond with both, and lots of people don't believe we're f****y in that sense, everybody thinks dad's my b*****r as we look identical, albeit 17 years difference

My parents split up when I was young, and it suited them this way as dad worked the 9-5 and mum worked long weekends as a nurse manager in an old folks home.
We had a good relationship. He was open about drink and d**gs, and we already had the 'big talk' about sex. He was cool, and I doubt he bothered much about my porno stash I kept a... Continuer»
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Accidental Powers: Jack's Power Of Persuasio

Jack laid peacefully in the hospital bed. His Mother clutched his hand praying for his recovery. It was day number fifteen of his comatose status. The accident was horrific and somehow Jack had managed to survive the most violent impact of his life of thirty years. The semi driver was very sorry for Jack's status and he kept in touch with Jack's mother Alice for updates. Jack's broken body was healing nicely despite him being comatose. Day after day Alice stayed with him. The Doctor plead with her to go home and get some real rest. But she persisted. Jack's girlfriend Jill did not mak... Continuer»
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The neighbourhood watching

Without giving too much away .. i live in a peacefull middle class area of a small town and most of the neighbours are quite friendly and chatty .. however when the husbands of the women around here are not talking about me (i secretly enjoy being the hot topic and i know they regularly circulate rumors about me ) .. the wives tend to gossip about somebody else ..

Hes a quiet rarther strange older man in ... Continuer»
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My First Older Woman Experience

My First Older Woman Experience

It was when I was in my late teens that I had my first experience with an older woman. You see I always fancied the more mature lady for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps I ought to introduce myself before I go into the more graphic details.

My name is John, and I am quite tall, with with slightly tanned white skin, and fair hair, and these days always seem to be sporting a perpetual hard on. It is a little embarrassing when I am out shopping for example, when I can feel people staring at my erection when they think I'm not looking. As any bloke will... Continuer»
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Wife in the army

Wife in the army

About 2 years ago, i was in the army for about 9 months. During that time my gf broke out with me and 5 months had past without having sex or any other direct contact with the other sex. In the beginning i was always horny trying to find some personal space to jerk off, usually jerked off during showers. Later on living with only men and having to interact only with men became a habit so i wasnt horny at all. I wasnt thinking about women and sex at all. I didn't jerk so my balls were so full that sometimes i had wetdreams.

One time during my service in the army i was pa... Continuer»
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Crossdresser for mature couple

I am a bi crossdresser....love some pussy or cock. I registered on an fabswingers looking for a meeting with similar people.
I was actively looking for an older couple to have some fun with. To cut a long story short, I finally got talking to a guy called Bill. He and his wife could entertain a gurl like me for a fun filled evening, if I was game. We both had a list of dos and donts for the night and we went over a few ground rules etc.
I was to be their maid and waitress for the evening. They were having their neighbours over for dinner and I was to be the hired help. I would be fully dre... Continuer»
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My First Time

many of you have asked me about my first time. I had posted a story about it but it is gone so here is a re-post. Let me know what you think.

My 6th grade teacher was my first when i was 12. Being transgender and more girl then boy I would wear stockings, panties sometimes garter-betls under my boy things (UGH) when going to school. One day as I sat at my desk with my feet on he wrung of the chair my tight pants got even tighter. The clasp of my garter-belt I was wearing were clearly showing. I did not realize the were we were taking a test. The teacher walked down the isle and stopped... Continuer»
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Sweeter Than Candy

I had always been attracted to girls as well as guys. I'd dated a few girls in high school and a few boys too but I had only ever had sex with guys. I'd kissed girls, made out with a few, played with their tits, but never done anything below the belt.

I was 19 when I met a beautiful, curvy, voluptuous, young woman. She was 23 and the epitome of a big, beautiful woman. She was petite, hardly 5'2 with a tiny waist, gorgeous wide hips and a huge rack. We actually wore the same size bra, 38DD. But the cup size looked much bigger on her because of her narrow waist. Her hair was wavy and brown, b... Continuer»
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The taxi ride

It was my best friend kellys birthday so to celebrate me , kelly and three other girl friends had been out on the town for a much needed night out.. we was all completely d***k so we decided to all share a taxi home. the cabby went to all the girls houses and dropped them off one by one until i was the only girl left. after my friend left and i was alone in the car with the cab driver. I realized i hadnt paid him any attention and i felt a little guilty so i decided it would be polite to at least achknowledge the guy. so i shuffled into the middle of the rear seat and looked at him in the mirr... Continuer»
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Hyper sexuality Ch. 01

It was late at night when I got the text from my Mom that my little s****r had been arrested again. She was 18 and fresh out of high school, and she absolutely refused to stay out of trouble. I didn't know the full story, or really care to be honest, but I heard bits and pieces of info from my parents as the situation had escalated.

She had been having trouble in her last year at school, and barely graduated. She was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and got picked up more than once for stealing petty shit from gas stations and convenience stores. She was constantly defying my parents, and... Continuer»
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Our first gloryhole

The wife and I have been kind of tame lately in that we haven't played with others. We both are on Tumblr and are constantly sending each other hot pictures and videos. We were bored Saturday night and decided to head out. We had been fantasizing about going to the local toy store and trying out the glory hole. This is something that we have never done, but the thought of it was driving each of us crazy. I read up a little bit on etiquette and we headed out.

We went to the first toy store, It was about 11pm and there was not a whole lot going on. We headed to the arcade and put some money ... Continuer»
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Jennifer's Husband's Fantasy

My wife Jennifer and I have been married for nearly 15 years. We have what I consider a perfect marriage. That's not to say we never have disagreements or get crabby with each other. We do, but it's generally short-lived and due to fatigue on one of our parts. Although we don't have all the same interests, we have the same core values, and I firmly believe that's what determines a couple's compatibility.

I would describe our sex life as very good and I hope Jennifer would do the same. Although I wouldn't call us kinky by any means, we have our fair share of variety in the bedroom. When I s... Continuer»
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On the road

I was driving down to visit a friend who lives about 4 hours from me. I hit the road after a long day at work and made it about halfway before I could barely keep my eyes open. I saw a sign for a hotel, so I decided to pull off and get a room so that I could grab a quick nap and get back on the road. I entered the hotel and checked in with the clerk, he gave me a rate for a couple hours and I headed up to my room. As I was leaving the lobby, I locked eyes with a guy sitting down and he was sending me his I want you eyes. I didn't think much of it as I was exhausted, so I went up to my roo... Continuer»
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The Wife Next Door

So this morning (totally true) I was having a nice lie in and that means a nice morning wank looking at my fav pictures and videos on xhamster.

I was happily stroking my hard pulsing shaft and cupping my balls when most unexpectedly there was a knock on my front door. I almost pulled my cock off with the fright I got and jumped up to look out of my bed room window. I eased the blind slightly to one side and peered down to see Sally. Sally is my next door neighbour. I have lived here for about three years and she and her husband and k**s have lived next door for about ten years. Sally i... Continuer»
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Kelly And The Two Old Homeless Man

Kelly was a 28 year old executive. She had worked really hard to gain a position with her prestigious employer. She was not only proud of her achievements, she was also proud of her looks. She was 5'7" and 125 lbs. She had long black hair and blue eyes. Her body was like an hourglass. She was 36 C-24-36. She was perfect, and she knew it!

Every man in the firm wanted her and every woman wanted to be her. Even though this was an excellent firm, with plenty of men who were husband potential, Kelly felt as though none of them were good enough for her. She had always been that way. She felt like... Continuer»
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Our parents away part 2

So after my quick shower and joining my steps****r in the kitchen naked we had a few brandy and cokes and two or three shooters. It was early in the morning when we decided to go to bed. We walk together to Amy's room and as she had a tv in her room and I didn't, I joined her on the bed. She laid naked under the sheets while I laid on top and we started watching a horror movie together. Before I could get up and go to my room I had fallen asl**p. The next morning I woke up and it turned out the I had made my way under the sheets as well and I was laying behind my steps****rs back with my arm a... Continuer»
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Our parents away part 3

I soon fell asl**p in my bed but woke up after dreaming about what just happened a few hours earlier. My cock was hard and throbbing and all I could think about and picture in my head was my cock being deep inside my steps****r tight cunt.
I decided to get up and go get myself something to drink and to try get my mind clear, but while walking to the kitchen and passing Amy's bedroom door I noticed that she was still awake and watching tv. On my way back I walked into her room and she asked what's wrong.
I told her I'm battling to fall asl**p and she asked why.
I told her that all I have ru... Continuer»
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My first time sucking cock.

I have been an active bi-sexual for over 40 years. I was at first the twink every business man wanted to suck off during lunch hour at a local ABS store when they were proliferate through out the west side of town. I spent many hours in the booths, leaving the door cracked as I stroked my hard young 6 inch cut thick cock. I had so many men in suits kneel before it and suckle it until I blew my load down their throat satisfying both my need and his, that even today the slight smell of Old Spice makes me hard. I would fuck their mouth harder if I saw a wedding ring knowing at sometime during the... Continuer»
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Quiz - Are You Gay?

It's quite common for a person to fantasize about same-sex intercourse. In fact, many psychologists have theorized that we are all bisexual to a certain degree, the percentages varying from person to person. Have you ever asked yourself Am I gay? or Am I bisexual? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are in stages, just follow along and continue when prompted to find out just how gay you really are.

1. Do you like shemale pornography? (y/n)

2. When you watch straight pornography, do you prefer videos of handjobs and blowjobs over videos of ordinary intercourse? (y... Continuer»
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My Mechanic, Second Encounter

Two days after my first encounter with Jim, I saw the number for the garage come up on my phone. My heart was racing and i felt a tingle between my legs as i answered it, wondering if It would be Jim and his big cock telling me he was ready to have me again. I was disappointed when it was just the desk guy telling me the car was ready and I could pick it up when i was ready. I acknowledged and hung up the phone, wondering when Jims hammer was going to fall.

no sooner had i put my phone in my purse when i heard it chime off. It was a text from an unknown number:
Hey, its Ji... Continuer»
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visiting my uncle eddie part3

Before you guys read this story,you may wanna have a look at the part 1 and part 2 of visiting my uncle Eddie from my blog.

So,the next morning I woke up,we both me and uncle Eddie were totally naked because of the bed rules and because we had sex four times yesterday night. There are still 5 days left for my parents to come back home,I was quite excited.I woke up uncle eddie,"Wake up old man,its 9:00 am on the clock".
"Aaargghhh!!! is it morning already? Damn it was one hell of a night!!" ,He said.
"Yes uncle Eddie,maybe you should clean yourself up...I'll make some coffee",I said.
"Yea... Continuer»
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Anita watching the game with two black guys

I came home late that evening, finding my sweet Ana was just coming out from the hot tub after a relaxing moment. She told me she had invited our neighbor Thomas and another friend to join us after dinner.

That guy Thomas was black; a huge black man in his early thirties.
And I suspected Ana had not been fucked by his black dick yet.

Around ten, Thomas came with his friend Caleb; another black guy.

Anita was wearing only a robe covering her naked body.

Thomas was carrying a camera and he said he wanted some pictures of my wife. Ana smiled and then she dropped the robe down to ... Continuer»
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Hyper sexuality Ch. 02

As I sat down to work I decided to go through my favorites and pick out a few new toys for my s****r to enjoy. I settled on a buttplug and a remotely controlled vibrator, and as I was hitting the order button I heard the sybian click on from the other room. I smiled and resigned myself to sit this one out as I got focused on my work.

I managed to speed through my tasks in a few hours despite my persistent hard on, and I got up to check on my s****r. I hadn't heard the sybian shut off the whole time, and when I entered the living room it was clear she had been riding it the whole time. She h... Continuer»
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fishing trip

When I was younger, Mac my step dad use to take me and my s****r Helen fishing. We would go for a weekend and come back with stories and no fish. As I got older he stop taking us and now it was something in the past.

Now I’m 17 and graduating from school, Mac decided after all these years asked me if I want to go fishing like the good old days. I said sure and planed a weekend to go.

So that weekend came, we went to the spot were we fish and got the same hotel we stay at. Mac’s friend, Tom was there, he was there for the week and was staying at the same hotel as us. We went into the room... Continuer»
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Cinema Dirty Men get My Wife

We are seriously thinking of going to Birmingham for a weekend to visit a city center porn cinema and shopping for her!

We like the idea of men sat in the porn cinema watching the screen and then thinking it's Christmas when she walks in and sits down near the back?

This time though she doesn't want to be fucked - just appreciated and played with by men, old young whatever. She will rub cocks until they cum and consider sucking men off as long as they are clean and you can finger her holes but not too hard. She may just wear a longer coat and underneath only her g-string, stockings and... Continuer»
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Cute teen next door seeks older man's guidanc

I can remember the day about six months ago when the new neighbors moved in. They were a couple I would say in their mid thirties and their eighteen year old daughter. I saw them move most of their stuff in as I always spend allot of time working in the yard on the lawn or trimming the shrubbery. I always managed to find some project to work on to keep me busy. I couldn't help noticing the daughter. From a distance she appeared to be a rather cute looking girl.

In the past six months I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the new neighbors since they aren't at home very much. They both have... Continuer»
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The Cinema

The Cinema "
Getting to the seats in the cinema Gill took off her coat. Hold at his a minute please babe she said handing me her coat. Sure I said taking it. Gill sorted her seat and sat down taking her coat back. I sat down next to her, we were up in the corner but we were in the posh gallery bit. The chairs were big and comfy with loads of leg room in front. The lights were still on and we could see the cinema was quite empty.
Gill had on a lovely wrap over dress that showed off her ample cleavage. You look nice tonight I said. Thanks Gill smiled back.
I commented on how much space there... Continuer»
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My first time with another gay guy

I guess my first time having gay sex came a lot later than most. I am 45, married and have been for some time. I was away on business and checked into a hotel in Milton Keynes at the last minute. As it turned out the hotel was across the road from a nightclub that openly advertised it was for lesbian, bisexual and gay people. Needless to say I was very curious and a little surprised to find I was turned on by the thought of a gay club and by what I might find.
After dinner I decided to visit the club, just out of curiosity! I showered and changed into a black polo shirt and leather jeans and ... Continuer»
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Net ball balls. A trans sissy’s return to school

Net ball balls.

A trans sissy’s return to school

“Thanks’ Vince for dropping me off” I say as I give him a cheeky kiss on his lips and rest my hand momentarily on his lap with a dirty grin. “I’ll pick you up as well once you’re done and we can engage in our own activities together, my little kitten” Vince replies reminding me of my new sissy cat outfit he had ordered for me; as we pull up outside my old school. A community centre on the evenings; it holds net ball games in the sports hall where I joined a team. If Vince, my black next door neighbour had it his way I wouldn’t have made it... Continuer»
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A Cuckold Tale.

I guess I’ve always been a cuckold, well, since high school, I had to take my girlfriend over to a basket ball player, for him to have sex with her, in front of me. I thought it was rather ok, and in fact I enjoyed watching my girlfriend having sex with this huge black athlete. We broke up and life went on.
I graduated and married Lisa. Lisa is a beautiful blonde girl, thin waist, large hips and beautiful breasts. In the meanwhile, I had more or less forgotten my cuckold desires, and maybe due to Lisa’s not so oversexed way of being. Sex between us was a twice a week thing, quiet and burocra... Continuer»
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It's wrong to fuck your b*****r.

It had all paid off. The seemingly endless hours of swimming laps and months of eating like a rabbit. As much as Megan hated running two miles every morning before week and every evening it was worth looking like she did at eighteen again. The sweat and tears were worth the narrow waist and slim stomach she had. She'd worked hard all spring and now if she flexed you could see the faintest outline of her abs. The last few pounds hadn't quite fallen off her ass but most guys seemed to like her with a little jiggle so she didn't mind that. The only part that was at all upsetting was that she'd lo... Continuer»
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Evie Sucks Off Her Virgin Boyfriend

I knew from the start that he didn't have very much experience in sex. The farthest he'd every gotten with a girl was kissing and a hand on her breast over her shirt. He claimed it was because his ex girlfriend, his first and only girlfriend before me, was abstaining until marriage. Now I don't know if that is true or not but I do know that he is shy.

He'd been my best friend for years and then he moved away for school just after we decided to become a couple so we never ever so much as kissed before he left. To him, that wasn't a big deal because he didn't know what he was missing, not ye... Continuer»
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Judy visits her s****r Part 2

As I said earlier my wife Judy was spending a week with her s****r. They do it every year and it gives me a week to myself. Usually I am working so I get little from it but this year I am actually off for most of it. It’s been pretty good although yesterday was exceptional. I had bumped into Emma and her daughter Emily at the supermarket and during our chat I had let slip that Judy was away. Little did I know of the consequences and yesterday afternoon, out of the blue Emily turned up on my doorstep with her friend Tasha. They were apparently skipping a study period and although I had int... Continuer»
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DTF Tinder Date Switched Gay

This whole thing started when I broke up with my girlfriend. At the time, she had said I wasn't there sexually and emotionally for her needs, and that she needed space... whatever that means. We had been together for three years, living together for the last year. I guess it was the co-habitation that led her to grow irritated and bothered by me. I never saw it coming either; she just blindsided me one day and packed her stuff up the following day.

That was three months ago. Since then, my luck with the ladies has been bad, but I haven't exactly put myself out there. Some buddies of mine t... Continuer»
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Visiting uncle eddie part 2

Before reading this whole story,you may want to read the first part of the story.


So,I decided to stay at my uncle's place for the night because we were both too horny..
After what we did in visiting my uncle Eddie part1,we took a short break, Uncle ordered pizza and we have beers too.It was about 8:30 now and the pizza guy came. we watched baseball and ate pizza for about half an hour.
After a while he said,"let's go to sl**p",...He didn't look sl**py at all,I think I knew what was coming.
We decided to sl**p on the same bed... Continuer»
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My One Cliche Hookup

I was 20 at the time when I let some friends talk me into being their designated driver while they went out to a karaoke bar. I'm not much for karaoke, but I do enjoy watching d***k people try to sing. So on this particular occasion, I became a bar flower.

I made myself comfortable on a bar stool, my legs crossed as a tapped a perfectly manicured fingernail against a glass of coke. I had a good spot in my stool, raised slightly above all the people at the tables in front of the stage. I could see the performers just fine from where I was and I was far enough away that whoever was on stage c... Continuer»
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Our parents away part 1

It was my first term in matric and my mom and stepdad went away for the weekend. I was still dating Cassi who was turning 17 later in the year and my steps****r Amy who would be turning 20, had just broken up with her boyfriend Marc a month or so ago. It was a Friday afternoon and I was home from school and rather horny when my girlfriend and I made plans to see each other at the mall for movies. Amy soon got home and I asked her if she could please do me a favour. She asked what and I told her that my girlfriends parents would never let her come her known mom and dad are away so I asked if sh... Continuer»
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Gloryhole first try

I am married but since she wants sex about as often as
Haley's comet comes around I am always looking for an
outlet. I had never wanted to try to have an affair
with a women, too messy. An occasional fling with an
anonymous guy in a far off place suited the bill just

This particular night I went to the store, went
straight to the booths in the back and put my money in.
I sat down and opened the doors on both sides. This
place had sliding doors, so if you wanted to be left
alone, you could be. I sat down and waited to see if
anyone would take up one of the boots ne... Continuer»
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When Kim came calling

When Kim came calling

Kim is a friend of ours who Margit and I have known for a while. She is gorgeous, has a great body and always looks sexy. Margit and I have often thought about her and maybe in our fantasies we could imagine her in bed with us both but that was only a fantasy of course then one night Margit and I was home when she knocked on the door asking if she could stay with us for a while because she was alone now her Hubby is away for a few days with his bikie mates and she needed company. We sat talking for a while and had a couple of wines or two then she said.
“Look, I have... Continuer»
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First time fucked!

Back in 1965 a friend and I decided to go adventuring. We hitchhiked all over the UK until one afternoon we were just outside Gloucester. There was a big pub called the White Hart, so we decided to spend our last few shillings on a drink and a sandwich.

The place was run by two guys, maybe twenty-five or thirty years old, who obviously cottoned on to the fact that we were on the loose, and they invited us to stay the night. They gave us dinner, and afterwards my friend and I discussed the possibility that these guys were homosexual and that they would want to take us to bed with them. ... Continuer»
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Jenni's 1st BBC

My was my girlfriend and 27 at the time, short with curves in all the right places, a great ass with large breast that are made for attention, she has a sexual appetite that would give any man a run for their money. I'm in my early 40's 6 ft slim and have a respectable 7.5" cock that she loves to ride, we have been francizing about her trying another guy in a 3 way for quite some time and had been watching the local postings on CL and AFF.
I responded to a CL posting by a black male looking for woman to hang with and friends with benefits, he was 27 well-built and had a big 9.5" cock. He was... Continuer»
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My first car

At the ended of the April school holidays I had just got my first car from my parents. And all excited once back at school the first Friday my girlfriend Cassi and I made plans to meet at the local mall, "to watch a movie". I arrived at the mall a little bit after 7pm and went to meet Cassi at movie entrance. Greeting Cassi's mom before we headed into the mall and almost instantly made our way to my new car. We quickly discussed that we were definitely not going to see a movie but infact Christen my car.
We both got in and then we started driving in the direction of a nearby dam.
As Cassi a... Continuer»
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Wife offered to young students

We were on holiday in Italy and staying in a cheap hotel; a small f****y run place with maybe 30 rooms. The guy on the front desk was a young first year student on a holiday job. He seemed to have a wide range of duties; basically doing everything.

After checking in the boy showed us to a big old fashioned room an showed us the facilities. It was already a bit late and we decided to go out for some drinks. My 30 year old slim, gorgeous girlfriend wore a short skirt, tight top and no underwear. She rarely does.

As we passed the reception guy he gave my girl a thorough examination and c... Continuer»
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