My granny came to my house

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Durée: 27:08
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il y a 14 jours
il y a 20 jours
Good Granny
il y a 1 mois
Wish I had a hot granny like that!
il y a 5 mois
Needs a bigger cock in that hot little body.

These guys are just so small...
il y a 7 mois
We still love this one, too bad Taka is no longer uploading.
il y a 9 mois
Lucky guy! Nice Granny pussy, I could do that one all day long
il y a 10 mois
This my fav granny: cums from sucking tits - OMG!

Name please, any more of her?
il y a 1 année
Belle grand mère
il y a 1 année
il y a 1 année
That's what I did to a stick-up mature lady at work. I got her because she was think that since she is so old that she wouldn't get pregnart. But she was pragnart with my baby. Sometime she would leave her husband and come to me to stay a week.
il y a 1 année
Thank you for posting. Hope there will be more. :-)
il y a 1 année
would love to know what she was saying to boy. her visceral excitement made this awesome.
il y a 2 années
lucky guy...
il y a 3 années
il y a 3 années
I'd give damn good $ to meet an older Asian woman here in CA in S. Orange County. But she has to like her body being fondled & licked then she'll feel my stiffness give her a nice ride then squirt like crazy. I'm as clean as a new washcloth & would love to make love with 0 protection since it's SAFE (from my end anyway) Pls write
il y a 4 années
I have a granny thats comes to clean for me, The first time I had her I was just getting up when she came upstairs she looked at my cock then at me I ask herif she likes what she seee's she said yes so I ask her to come in the bedroom put my arms round & start kissing her then I undressed her, told her to get on her knee's & put my cock in her mouth she sucked me off for a bit I then told her to get on the bed & I licked between her legs she was begging for it please put it in me, I ask her if she was ready for me to fuck her I said say it she sadi please fuck my fanny fuck me please so I should my cock up her & fuck her hard & boy did she like it she was coming & coming I then had to pull out of her & shot my load in her mouth & all over her face, we stop in bed for a bit I then ask her if I could shave her at first she said no but then said yes do it but u must fuck me again after so I did I now fuck her three time a week
il y a 5 années
That's one very hot Granny, Thanks
il y a 5 années
JFC this guy is a drilling machine, and gran is soooooooo hot ;p
il y a 5 années
il y a 5 années
Man That Is One Hot Sexy Japanese Granny...Love To Eat Her Sweet Hairy Pussy And Feel Her Quivering Under Me While I Make Her Cum At Least 2 times in my mouth.
il y a 5 années
super hot !
il y a 5 années
il y a 5 années
very nice video
il y a 5 années
Hot mature body! The guy fucks like a rabbit. why the condom with your granny?
il y a 5 années
I enjoy fucking hot grannies...
il y a 5 années
i wanna be fucket by a granny...
il y a 5 années
il y a 5 années
great mature
il y a 5 années
il y a 6 années

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