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Or at least an amazing recreation of 1940s era porn. But I'm leaning to it being authentic. In any case it's awesome, and hilarious.

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il y a 1 année
il y a 2 années
il y a 3 années
The clip from Le ménage moderne du Madame Butterfly (1920)is historic as the first known film depicting bisexual and homosexual acts. The "coolie boy" who performs fellatio on and gets fucked by the character "Lt. Pinkerton" (played by mainstream French actor J. H. Forsell) is Bernard Natan who wrote, produced, directed, and also starred in this movie.
Thanks for the post!
il y a 5 années
my first look at a french porn ,small ,pamphlet,......high school ,10 pages,,4 classic porn , i bought it ,all the 4 i had,5.00 $ .year 1960....i wish i had the mag. now
il y a 5 années
thank you for the look at this fine colllection.
il y a 6 années
Porn history....should be a high school course. Grades would soar!!!
il y a 6 années
It's quite amazing how porn truly latched on technological progress, far before the VHS...
il y a 6 années
silent movies. i love em
il y a 6 années
"The Musketeer in the Restaurant" was awesome! Very imaginative and downright fun to watch. I love how the guy fingers the girl, smells his finger and... it's shrimp! LOL
il y a 7 années
The description for this is nonsense.
These clips date far before the 40's.
The first with the lovely lady twisting up
her hair, looks as though it may date from the 'teens,
the rest from the 1920's.
il y a 7 années
without the porn in the pass we wouldn't even have today's good porn. BLack and White porn in the 40's is hot.
il y a 7 années
I am quite agree with the westcott3 comment.
il y a 7 années
This is an excellent historical vid compilation. Not for getting off necessarily, but accepted for what it is, it is a great piece of porn history.

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