AWOL - A Real Mamas Boy (1973) Vintage movie

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Mom and Son's friend...

Rajouté par battery il y a 5 années
Durée: 55:52
Vues: 968,840
Catégories: Hardcore Matures Vintage Vieux+Jeune
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il y a 8 mois
wow mom son sex porn
il y a 9 mois
this was new to me. thanks
il y a 1 année
A very entertaining film!
il y a 1 année
AWOL (1973)

Also Known As
A Real Mama's Boy
Anthony Spinelli

Ann Finn
Pat Arno

Art Gill

A young man escapes from boot camp after finding he's not cut out for the military. Two of his hot and horny female friends provide the getaway car and waste no time relieving his anguish. But this doesn't compare to this Mother's love. Once he finally returns home, Mother has her way with son...again and again.
il y a 1 année
Wonderful cinema. Now I can enjoy it from a seat where my feet don't stick to the floor. My neighborhood had a momma like that, not quite as thick, but she loved her daughters high school boyfriends. Great memories. :-)
il y a 1 année
Hot mommy love!
il y a 2 années
good vid
il y a 2 années
gd times
il y a 2 années
very funny when he saw his mom and mummmyyyy but hot
il y a 2 années
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm amazing really hot and Mamma love to play with own son and show her lovely lusty love to his son great movie
il y a 2 années
i want a mom like this
il y a 2 années
Mommy is so good and caring to her boy.
il y a 2 années
Agree! 24th mins!
Oh my little boy!
Then son kisses mom tit! LOL!
il y a 2 années 38 min, mom watches son have sex with black girl and masturbates
il y a 2 années
Go to 24 min for best scene
il y a 2 années
I loved the movie, it was the same for me and my mum.
il y a 3 années
its a good film but poor on pic quality
il y a 3 années
il y a 3 années
I found this very believable -- the son is slow to get hard with the women in the car, who are mostly passive to his cum, leaving him unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Only his mother could appreciate his slick and gleaming ball-sap: potent, fertile, and incestuous cum. Their electric and lust-filled fuck affirm the truth of their mutual desire. Your mind may be conflicted, but your cock is clear. It is what it is, bud!
il y a 3 années
I agree with BobbyRobespeare. I like to get stoned and jerk off to vintage porn also.
il y a 3 années
il y a 3 années
Man, five minutes in and I got a headache from that stupid marching music. Brings back memories of the theatre at Corbin and Ventura Blvd. in Canoga Park...also of going on a double date with my future wife to see Russ Meyer's Up, ha ha....
il y a 4 années
Incredible!! only the momma can make that boy grow to a full size man!
il y a 4 années
il y a 4 années
Cool, But strange
il y a 4 années
il y a 4 années
mmm I love the 70's wish I was born in that era
il y a 4 années
Back in the good times 1969-1970. A time to be; to live; and to Love. Porn was movies. A night on town with Date; Dinner and Movie. Then fun. Thanks Battery.
il y a 5 années

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